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Getting the word out about PSM is an important part of the PSM Initiative. If your PSM program is highlighted in your local or regional press, please be sure to send the PSM Team a copy of the press release and the article so that we can help extend the coverage.

PSM Initiative

June 2015: A Degree of Uncommon Success (Chronicle of Higher Education)

September 2014: Comments on A Strategy for American Innovation (American Council on Education)

May 2014: 10 Years of PSMs - Meeting Employers' Needs in North Carolina (UNC PSMs)

April 2014: A Degree and Job Skills Too (U.S. News)

March 2014: A Degree Where Techie Meets Business Smarts (The New York Times)

February 2014: Many Students Turning to Professional Science Master's Programs (U.S. News)

January 2014: Upward Trends Continue in Professional Science Master's Enrollment and Degrees (CGS Press Release)

November, 2013: Guide to Professional Science Master's (Scientific American)

October, 2013: Recent Professional Science Master's Graduates Find Employment (Inside Higher Ed)

March, 2013: Focus on Job Skills With a Professional Master's Degree (U.S. News)

August 2012: The Case for Professional Science Master's Degrees (BioScience)

May 2012: PSM Transition (CGS GradEdge)

January 25, 2012: Keck Graduate Institute selected to administer PSM Affiliation process (CGS Press Release)

January 21, 2012: Big Data and Data Scientists -- It's An Issue Of Degree(s) (Forbes)

January 18, 2012: Enrollment Up in Professional Science Master's Programs (Inside Higher Ed)

December 12, 2011: First Professional Science Master's graduates are finding jobs (Illinois News Bureau)

December 11, 2011: UNC Charlotte launching graduate health-informatics degree: Master’s program will be the first of its kind among N.C. universities (Charlotte Business Journal)

November 2011: History of the PSM (CGS Communicator)

November 24, 2011: Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Facility to Open on December 2011 (AZoNano - The A to Z of Nanotechnology)

November 16, 2011: Where Science, Business Collide: New master’s degree programs address employer demand for more science and math knowledge. (Connection Newspapers)

November 2011: Automation of System-wide PSM Program Management, Advertising, Professional Skills Assessment, Academic Planning, and Electronic Mentoring (CGS Communicator)

November 2011: Notre Dame's Gary Lamberti Discusses Freshwater Crisis at Annual Hesburgh Lecture (Sacred Heart University Press Release)

August/September 2011: Enrollment and Degrees in Professional Science Master’s Programs (CGS Communicator)

September 2011: PSM degree is the MBA of the science world (Chicago Tribune)

July 22, 2011: The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s (The New York Times)

June 29, 2011: Aligning Higher Education STEM Production with Workforce Demand through Professional Master’s Degrees (BHEF Issue Brief)

May 13, 2011: More local schools adding professional science degree: NU, UMass and WPI offerings help students fill company roles more quickly (Boston Business Journal - subscription required)

April 20, 2011: Education: Rethinking PhDs (Nature)

March 10, 2011: Why American innovation will beat out China's (CNN)

January 26, 2011: The other path: The professional science master's degree is growing in popularity but is losing its initial funding. Can it survive? (Nature)

December 26, 2010: A Master’s for Science Professionals Sweeps U.S. Schools (The New York Times)

December 2010: Professional Science Master’s Project Enters New Phase (CGS Press Release)

December 7, 2010: Business-Higher Education Forum Receives Funding from Sloan Foundation to Bolster Professional Science Master’s Programs: Will advocate for greater employer support and collaboration with universities (Business-Higher Education Forum)

December 2010: ITIF Report Challenges Conventional Thinking on STEM Education 
Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That adage might be apt for so much of the prevailing thinking on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. While we know that U.S. students are lagging in these areas compared to students in many other countries and that the United States is at risk for losing its innovation edge in critical industries, we seem determined to devote even more resources to the same formulas for STEM education that have been in place for close to 40 years. In a provocative new report, ITIF President Rob Atkinson and education expert Dr. Merrilea Mayo challenge our assumptions about STEM education and argue that reforms are urgently needed to transform STEM education from high school to graduate school. (The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)

December 2010: A new model Master's: Students torn between the worlds of business and physics may soon have fresh options thanks to a novel hybrid course gaining popularity in the US (Journal of Physics, this article originally appeared in the June 2010 issue of Physics World)

October 29, 2010: Successful Biotech Leaders Integrate Science, Biz Skills (BioWorld Today)

October 7, 2010: The PSM (Lab Manager Magazine)

October 7, 2010: Biorefining U: University-led programs answer a growing demand for biobased education (Biorefining Magazine)

October 2010: PSM Recognition Project: Stakeholders Recommend Principles and Criteria for PSM Program Recognition (CGS Communicator)

September 10, 2010: Needed: Support for Professional Science Master's Degrees (IEEE - USA Today's Engineer)

September 7, 2010: Number of Universities Offering PSM Programs Surpasses 100 Number of PSM programs tops 200 (CGS Press Release)

August 15, 2010: Needed: Support for Professional Science Master's Degrees (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

August 2010: Professional Master’s Education: Increasing numbers of students are getting professional master's degrees in the biosciences, preparing them for jobs in the nation's tech-based workforce (ASBMB Today)

June 18, 2010: Career Advice: Professional Science Master's Degrees (Science Careers)

May 2010: Training Physics Professionals for the Nonacademic Workforce (APS News)

May 2010: Integrating Professional Abilities and Interaction with Employers in an Outcomes Assessment Plan: An Example from Professional Science Master’s Programs (CGS Communicator)

April 6, 2010: Oklahoma EDGE Fund exec seeks oversight commission (Dolan Media Newswires, as printed in the Journal Record Legislative Report)

February 17, 2010: Graduation Gaps for Science Majors (Inside Higher Ed)

February 8, 2010: Skills For Success: Pharma firms are seeking adaptable scientists with the aptitudes to meet new business needs (Chemical & Engineering News)

January 2010: Is Graduate School for You? (The Mathematical Association of America)

January 2010: Science and Engineering Indicators provides quantitative insight into the breadth, quality, and vitality of the U.S and international science and engineering enterprises. The accompanying sidebar in the higher education chapter of the 2010 report describes why the PSM was developed and details its rapid growth. (National Science Board, 2010. Science and Engineering Indicators 2010. Arlington, VA: National Science Foundation (NSB 10-01)

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April 24, 2013: First at Ohio State: Master's in Plant Health Management Receives Professional Certification (OSU Extension)

January 20, 2012: S.F. State program links science, business (San Francisco Business Times)

May 20, 2011: The Frontline of Professional Science Master's (CSU)

April 26, 2011: Grant provides funding for Climate Science and Solutions program (Northern Arizona News)

March 16, 2011: University of Idaho’s new professional science masters (Down to Earth NW)

March 8, 2011: Unique option for advanced degree in science: Professional Science Master’s Program being offered as an alternative graduate degree (The Daily Evergreen)

March 4, 2011: Masters of Professional Science Gives Students Competitive Advantage: Marine Conservation, Coastal Management, Marine Mammal Science, Aquaculture among offerings that can be completed in 12–18 months (University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School)

March 2, 2011: New RSMAS degree masters training (The Miami Hurricane)

February 16, 2011: Gaining a competitive edge: Master's program to help train workers in natural resources and environmental science (Argonaut - University of Idaho)

February 4, 2011: California State University Leads National Effort to Expand Professional Science Master's Program: Sloan Foundation Grant and National Association of System Heads to help universities develop graduate degrees (CSU)

January 27, 2011: The Science Behind the CSU (CSU)

January 13, 2011: Bayer donates $1M in lab equipment to Sacramento State (Sacramento Business Journal)

December 23, 2010: Rutgers Professional Science Master's Program: Science Meets Business (posted on YouTube)

December 21, 2010: First students in Professional Science Master's Program graduate from the U of I (ACES News - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

December 20, 2010: RIT Offers Master’s in Environmental Forecasting, Disaster Preparedness and Response: Specialty training enhances three existing graduate programs (RITNEWS)

December 19, 2010: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey graduates 858 students (

December 8, 2010: Sloan Grant Expands Program (eNews at UMass Lowell)

November 30, 2010: Professional Master’s Program a Boon to Connecticut Tech Industry (UConn Today)

November 19, 2010: CI receives Amgen scholarship for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Ventura County Star)

November 19, 2010: CI receives Amgen scholarship for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CSU Channel Islands Press Release)

November 19, 2010: Now hear this: Veterans, others sought for key biotech fields: Across this BRIDGE, San Diego State, partners provide paths for unemployed to land positions (CSU)

November 15, 2010: Sloan supports advanced science and business education for New York (SUNY Oswego Press Release)

October 24, 2010: CollegeBound: Grad school or bust (Omaha World-Herald)

October 15, 2010: TBTF announces nominees for restructured awards (Tampa Bay Business Journal)

September 27, 2010: MTSU graduate program, acclaimed as 'National Model,' receives Academic Excellence Award (

September 17, 2010: Sustainable Development & Climate Change Concentration OKed as Professional Science Master's Degree: AUNE offers first PSM program in NH (Antioch University New England Press Release)

September 15, 2010: Native grassland being tended to in Cedar Falls (

September 14, 2010: New biotech master's combines science, business (SF State News)

September 13, 2010: New science master's program at CSUMB (The Salinas Californian)

September 7, 2010: Education to Meet Industry Needs: Biotech Program Benefits Students, Employers (Inside CSUF)

August 19, 2010: CI Receives Amgen Scholarship Donation (Ventura County Star)

July 14, 2010: UGA receives $700,000 NSF Grant to Create Master's in Biomanufacturing (GeorgiaBio - Press Release)

July 14, 2010: Council of Graduate Schools approves 14 University of Massachusetts Professional Science Master's (PSM) options including Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council)

July 14, 2010: UMES receives grant near $700K for science program (The Daily Times -

July 14, 2010: New UMES Programs to Boost Minority Presence in Ecology, Urban Forestry (HBCU Digest)

July 7, 2010: Illinois offers Professional Science Master's in Technical Systems Management (ACES News - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

May 13, 2010: College Offers First Professional Science Master’s Program (Buffalo State - The Bulletin)

April 13, 2010: UD launches Professional Science Master's programs in biotechnology, bioinformatics to meet workforce needs (UDaily)

April 2010: Professional Mentoring Program: A Novel Approach for Industry-Academe Synergy (DE Oracle @ UMUC)

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PSM Programs: 347
PSM-Affiliated Institutions: 161

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A Degree of Uncommon Success: How academe and outsiders collaborated to shape the ‘professional science master’

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NEWS: Upward Trends Continue in Professional Science Master’s Enrollment and Degrees  

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NEWS: Guide to Professional Science Master's (Scientific American)  

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The Professional Science Master's: A Council of Graduate Schools Guide to Establishing Programs, which is a major rewrite of the earlier monograph, Professional Master's Education (2006).

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